Peloton Against Plastic on LAFM

Aussies Paul Hellier and Jamie Lepre have just cycled through three of the world's top five plastic polluting countries in their new documentary "Peleton Against Plastic". The pair cycled through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and unearthed inspirational and universal solutions to how these countries are grappling with their plastic epidemic.

The Permaculture Podcast

My guest today is Paul Hellier of Fair Food Forager, who joins me to begin an ongoing series of conversations to talk about what we can do reduce waste, change our consumptions patterns, and decrease our ecological footprint.

Humans Of Purpose Podcast

62 Paul Hellier - Ethical Food, Sustainable Living & Tech
Paul is the Founder of Fair Food Forager, a B Corp and social enterprise dedicated to connecting people to ethical lifestyle and eating choices, locally. Paul is also enabling ethical businesses to list on the platform and connect with local people who want to live and eat ethically.

The Altruistic Traveller

Fair Food Forager is an app (and B Corp) developed in Australia that helps you find the best, most ethical and conscious grocers, restaurants, cafe's and producers around the world.

Peloton Against Plastic - A scenic cycling tour for sustainable & responsible travel

The Peloton Against Plastic is a tour of some special parts of South East Asia, with a different perspective. It is a cycling trip that will have you visiting some remarkable sites, by the blue of the ocean and the lush green of the trees, while connecting with locals, enjoying the food and having some fun while making a difference.

Food Heroes Podcast

What if you could reduce the amount of waste generated by the food industry? What if there was an easy way to make a small change with a big impact? In this episode, we discuss being a profitable business with a purpose, waste generated by food packaging, and creating a food system that emphasizes community. Paul offers some simple solutions that I plan to implement that will help reduce the number of plastics and food packaging waste entering our oceans and landfills.

What Next?

Working as a lifeguard has a different outcome for everyone. For some it becomes an amazing career and part of who they are. For others it can be a temporary job through university, or it is a launching point to something else.

Giving food businesses and conscious consumers a voice

I founded Fair Food Forager, the app and website to highlight great food businesses being more ethical and sustainable. We tell their stories and help consumers find and support them so they too can feel good about their daily actions.

Pioneers of Good with Fair Food Forager

POG #5 Fair Food Forager
Paul's on a mission to get people eating healthily - and I don't just mean about personal health. Fair Food Forager is rating eating establishments based on their sustainability and global health - not just on taste alone. Working as an Australian beach lifeguard, he saw first-hand the waste people created while eating out and decided that he was the man to change this and bring people a choice in their footprint whilst dining out. Fair Food Forager was born, and Paul shares openly what it's like starting up a business that wants to do good as well as create a source of income for yourself. Put a restaurant on the Foraging Map and join the Fair Food Foraging mission.

Doing Good Through Food with Fair Food Forager

Making it easy to make ethical food choices - with Dayna Ortner of Fair Food Forager
Released31 December 2017
Dayna is the UK Director of Fair Food Forager an international organisation aiming to change the way the world eats by helping people

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